King Derin, the former King of Dream Land.


Billow Bird


Chapter 10 (Mentioned)




33 †


Dirk † (Grandfather)
Derek (Father)
Daisy (Mother)
Damian (Younger brother)
Diantia † (Wife)
Dedede (Son)
DJ † (Brother-in-law)
Delia (Sister-in-law)
Davey (Nephew)
Devin (Nephew)
Debbie (Niece)

Derin was the King of Dream Land, the husband of Queen Diantia and the father of Dedede. He is the son of the previous king and queen of Dream Land. Derin was first mentioned, though not by name, in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 2: Drawcia's Return and Revenge during Chapter 10 by Cloud and Raven.

In Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness, Derin was seen for the first time in Gerold's retelling of the Dark Matter Cataclysm.


Being Dedede's father, Derin looks much like his son but Derin's beak has a pointed tip instead of a rounded one. Derin is a Billow Bird that is light blue in color with a yellow beak with a pointed tip as mentioned earlier and he has yellow feet. He has dark blue eyes and he wears a striped shirt with a pale light green and a light green stripe in a repeating pattern, lime green pants, a green cape that meets at his neck with a medallion that has his family's emblem and hat with pale yellow rims.

There is a emerald with a gold rim and a yellow crown on top of his hat. He had a scar on his face that he got from Dark Matter Knight.


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Derin was born as the son of Derek and Daisy, therefore making him the Prince of Dream Land.

Kirby: Behind the Scenes 2: Drawcia's Return and RevengeEdit

Derin, though not mentioned by name, was first mentioned by Cloud in Chapter 10.

Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of DarknessEdit

Derin debut

Derin's debut in the series.

Derin is mentioned by name for the first time in Chapter 13 where he is mentioned as the one who slayed 0 20 years ago. Derin later makes his first physical appearance in the series in Gerold's retelling of the Dark Matter Cataclysm within the same chapter.



Dedede's Family
Great Grandparents: Dirk
Grandparents: Derek - Daisy
Parents: Derin † - Diantia
Uncles and Aunts: DJ †- Delia - Damian
Siblings: None
Cousins: Davey - Dewey - Debbie