Drawcia's Hideout
Drawcia's Hideout
Drawcia's Hideout, as it appeared in Chapter 5.


Chapter 2

Drawcia's Hideout was a major location in Kirby: Behind the Scenes and it served as Drawcia's base of operations after her paint dimension was destroyed and her first encounter with Dedede and the gang. She often retreated back here after one of her schemes failed. It was located somewhere in the Rocky Mountains range.

It was first seen in Chapter 2, when a masked mercenary she hired came to her hideout. The hideout appeared again in Chapter 3 when Drawcia was furious when her plan failed, which she came up with another one shortly afterwards. The hideout appears again in Chapter 5, where it was the site of the final battle of Dedede and the gang against Drawcia and her minions.

The hideout's most recent appearance in the series was in Chapter 7.


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