Dream Coin
My Money!!!
Raven's Quest artwork of Raven chasing a Bronto Burt that has a bag of Dream Coins.


Raven's Quest (spin-off)
Chapter 13 (Main series)

Dream Coins are the official currency of Dream Land and the rest of Stella System in the series. They are star shaped metal coins that come in a lot of different colors that determine their value according to the color.

They made their first appearance in the spin-off Raven's Quest and they made their very first appearance in the main series Chapter 13 in Gerold's retelling of the Dark Matter Cataclysm.


Dream Coin values

A chart showing all the Dream Coin colors and values.

As mentioned above, the value of Dream Coins is determined by their color. So far in the series, the prices of products and other things that people buy are not currently known in the series but it is likely that they are not very expensive. Many Dream Landers seem to use one or more of the varieties to pay for something.

However, Phil's Grub & Go, a restaurant that was in Waddle Dee Village 20 years ago, had the price of a meal being 10 Dream Coins per person. Derin and his friends meals brought the total to 60 Dream Coins.

Dream Coins in KBTS3

Derin holding a blue and a purple Dream Coin. This marks the first time they appear in the main series.

Dream Coin Varieties and ValuesEdit

  • Yellow= 1 Dream Coin
  • Red= 5 Dream Coins
  • Blue= 10 Dream Coins
  • Green= 20 Dream Coins
  • Purple= 50 Dream Coins
  • Orange= 100 Dream Coins
  • Silver= 200 Dream Coins
  • Gold= 500 Dream Coins

Raven's QuestEdit

Yellow Dream Coin in Raven's Quest

A yellow Dream Coin as they appear in Raven's Quest.

Dream Coins make their first appearance as collectible items in Raven's Quest, but only the Yellow, Red, Green and Gold varieties appear and they sometimes appear when Raven defeats enemies with his sword, fireballs from Fire Sword Raven and the Sword Beams from Super Sword Raven.

Gold Dream Coins are the only ones that do not appear when enemies are defeated, instead they are usually found in the air or in areas that are dangerous to go to such over bottomless pits and other dangerous obstacles.

As mentioned above, Yellow Dream Coins are worth 1, Red Dream Coins are worth 5, Green Dream Coins are worth 20 and Gold Dream Coins are worth 1 individually but collecting all 5 will give a extra life. Collecting 100 of them will give Raven a extra life.



  • The origin of the Dream Coins' star shape is a reference to the Super Smash Bros. games where the Kirby series is represented by a star, namely the Warp Star. They are based off the Point Stars that appear in some Kirby games.
    • The yellow, red, green and blue Dream Coins are based off the Point Stars of the same colors that appear in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.