Waddle dee village
A area of Dreamtropolis.


Chapter 1

Dreamtropolis, formerly called Waddle Dee Village in the earlier Chapters of the series, is a major location in the Kirby: Behind the Scenes series and the capital of Dream Land. It is the hometown of Dedede, Waddle Dee, Cloud, Raven and Rachel as they were all born here. Despite being a village, it is quite large in size and it is inhabited by a range of species. Castle Dedede is located not far away from the village on a nearby large hill.

A restaurant run by Waddle Dee Sr. and Darla Dee is in the village. This restaurant is the most popular one in town, as a lot of citizens of the village come here often. Dedede and the gang also usually eat here as well, either eating here or ordering take out. There are many other businesses around town as well, including a library, town dump, police station, restaurants, etc.

20 years ago, much of the town was destroyed when Dark Matter attacked and there was many causalities, most of them where at Phil's restaurant when 0 blew the place up with a Retina Bomb, killing Phil and the people inside in the process. Fortunately, Derin, Waddle Dee Sr., Brutus, Kirk, Gerold and Rick left before the restaurant was destroyed. They, along side members of the Dream Land Royal Army, fought back and slayed many of the Dark Matter monsters that attacked the village.


As mentioned above and despite the village's name, Waddle Dee Village is inhabited by a wide range of species and the list below is a list of the inhabitants by their species.

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