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Planet Popstar is the 1st planet of the Stella System and it is the homeworld of majority of the characters in the Kirby: Behind the Scenes series. Like in the games, it is shown to be a 5-pointed star with 2 blue rings around it and it is the main primary setting of the series. Beings from this planet, regardless of species, are referred as Popstarians by people of the other planets.

The planet was seen as a cameo in Chapter 2 and first seen from outer space in Chapter 11 after Vincent shot his fire breathe into outer space in a humorous manner after his tail was impaled by Drawcia's Weapon Art: Spear spell.

Climate and TerrainEdit

Planet Popstar has a variety of climates and terrains, as shown plenty of times in the series. As a result, Popstar is abundant with lifeforms of various shapes and sizes.

Known RegionsEdit


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Species of Planet PopstarEdit

As mentioned above, Planet Popstar is inhabited by lifeforms of various shapes and sizes. Some sentient species from the other planets of the Stella System also live on Popstar.

Sentient SpeciesEdit

Dream LandEdit


Planet Popstar's technology is at least modern real world level as Planet Popstar has TVs and other electronics. In terms of starships and other space faring vehicles, they are quite rare on Popstar and only few individuals own or made vehicles capable of space travel.


Early Stella System cameo

Planet Popstar's cameo in Chapter 2.

  • Planet Popstar made a cameo in Chapter 2 on the dashboard of Cloud's Hydra along side Planet Rock Star, Planet Aqua Star, Planet Shiver Star and Planet Ripple Star.

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