Raven's Quest
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Raven's Quest is a Super Mario Bros. X episode that will be themed around the first installment of the series as a alternate, non-canon retelling of the first installment. As the second part of the title suggests, Raven is the only playable character.


Raven life gauge

The Life Gauge from SMBX.

Since Raven replaces Link, Raven plays much like he does and he can use his sword to defeat enemies. mid-bosses and bosses. Raven's health gauge has a total of 3 hearts and eating meat or collecting Power Orbs can restore Raven's health and give him additional hits with a total of 3 max. Raven can attack with his sword by swinging it, doing a thrusting crouch stab and by jumping and thrusting his sword above or below him. The down and upthrust attacks are useful for attacking enemies above and below Raven respectively. When Raven defeats enemies with his sword, they sometimes drop Dream Coins.

Raven cannot attack enemies, mid-bosses and bosses by jumping on them and attempting to do so will hurt him but his down thrust attack will still hit without him getting harmed. The player also must be careful about taking hits from enemies, especially those that are near by bottomless pits and other dangerous hazards as being hit can send Raven flying into the pit or the hazard itself resulting in losing a life.

Depending on how Raven is attacking or standing will affect how he hits enemies, mid-boss and bosses and takes hits from them as well. If he is hit with a projectile where Link's shield would be, Raven will block them and he won't be harmed but he will be harmed if he is hit in a area where Link's shield wouldn't defend him.


Raven's Quest starts off with a group of Drawcia's goons attacking Castle Dedede that is lead by a Poppy Bro. Sr. named Ron. Waddle Doo, being the coward he is, locked the door going outside in fear but unknowingly locked some of Drawcia's goons in the castle. Raven finds the key in the throne room, unlocks the door and defeats Ron. He then sets out to defeat Drawcia as Dedede agreed to pay him a lot of Dream Coins.











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  • Despite not being canon to the main series, Raven's Quest is responsible for introducing Dream Coins.
  • Judging that Waddle Doo doesn't have his plate where his third hair was yet, it is safe to say that Raven's Quest would be set between Chapters 3 and 4 if it was canon to the main series.