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Rippla, the Princess of Ripple Kingdom.




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Raymond (Father)
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April 2nd

Princess Rippla is the Princess of the Ripple Kingdom and she is a close childhood friend of Dedede, Waddle Dee Jr., Cloud, Raven and Rachel. She was first mentioned in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness in Chapter 12 where she was mentioned by Cloud, though not by name. She was mentioned by name for the first time in Chapter 13 by Raymond, her father.

She has become a major character in the series, as she has been appearing in a lot of cameos and being mentioned a lot recently in the series. She'll have a more major role in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 4: Dimensional Spheres where she will be a major character. Eventually in a future point in the series, she will also be Dedede's love interest.

She is the daughter and only child of Raymond and Layla, the King and Queen of Ripple Kingdom.

She is the K: BTS series' incarnation of the Fairy Queen from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.


Undies rippla

Rippla in her undies, this is how her body looks.

Rippla has peach skin, violet eyes and silky, pale black hair put into two long braids in the back of her head that are held together by two red bows and she has black freckles on her cheeks with a total of 7 on each of her cheeks and they go in a zigzag pattern. She wears a long-sleeve white kimono dress with a faded pink collar and pink rims on the sleeves' tips, a blue tie and a blue bow on the bad of her dress, a long crimson skirt with a pink zigzag with gold rims near the base of her skirt that was inspired from Dedede's zigzag sash that he wears around his stomach, she wears thin blue-rimmed glasses and blue shoes. She has pale sky blue wings on her back, which she inherited from her father, Raymond.

Her bangs have pointy tips and she greatly resembles her mother in appearance though Rippla's hair is paler in color compared to her mother's. She is also noticeably very tall as she is close to Dedede's size in height and thus making her one of the tallest female characters in the series so far.

Being the princess of the Ripple Kingdom, she wears a gold crown on top of her head that has rubies, sapphires and a rose quartz gem that is in a heart shape on the front and back of her crown. Though very unlikely to be seen in the series, Rippla wears a pink bra and panties with red laces and a heart pattern under her dress. Like many of the humanoid female characters in the series, she is also noticeably well endowed.

As a baby at a year old, Rippla wore a crown on top of her head that had two rubies on the side and a pink rose quartz gem. She wore a short shirt with pink rims at the tips of the sleeves, similar to the one she wears in the present day. She had a blue pacifier in her mouth and she didn't wear glasses yet. She also wore a bib that has a heart on it and red rims around it.

At 5 years old, Rippla looked different than she does now. Her hair was shorter and was still in pigtails, but her pigtails were shorter and not braided, she wore a dress that resembles the one that she wears now. It had a white shirt with pink collar with a blue heart shaped clip with two strands with gold lines on it and pink rims on the sleeves and around her waist, she wore a tiara with a heart shaped rose quartz gem and she wears thin black rimmed glasses. She usually had a unhappy look on her face, which was the usual look on her face at the time.

At 11 years old, Rippla looks a bit like she does now but she is wearing her hair in pigtails and she wore a dress similar to the one she wore when she was 5 years old. She also wears blue-rimmed glasses at the time and she wore a crown similar to the one she wears now, She also has a bit of a slight bust. Originally, she was going to wear her hair down.

At 17 years old, Rippla looks much like she does in the present day but her bust isn't as large as of the present day. She wore a different dress at the time but it is very similar to the one she wears in the present day except that her skirt had multiple layers in order of red, gold, red then pink.

For bed, Rippla wears a pink nightgown with red rims around where her neck would be and where her feet are. When she was 5 years old, she wore a similar nightgown and it had a heart on the chest.

Rippla has two beta designs: the first one is a kimono styled dress that is much different than her present one and her game counterpart's and she wore a tiara. Her second design is very similar to her present design but with a larger crown, similar to her game counterpart's crown. She originally wore thick blue rimmed glasses and her bangs were round in appearance.


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Rippla is a shy, timid girl but she is kindhearted and very friendly despite her shyness. She is also very polite and she is one of the few characters in the series that doesn't curse as much. Rippla also dislikes fighting, but she knows that sometimes that fighting must happen especially on Planet Popstar as it is much different there than on her world and that many Popstarians do have to fight in order to survive.

Rippla is also a huge bookworm and she loves to read a lot and she also pretty smart as well, traits she inherited from her mother, Layla. Another one of her traits that she inherited from Layla is that she is very clumsy, she tends to trip a lot, often losing her glasses, crown or both. Rippla is a very caring person as she tends to worry about people she is close to, often wonders if they are alright and she can be quite affectionate towards people she is close to.

Due to her almost being possessed by 0 as a baby, Rippla has a deep-rooted fear of Dark Matter and she often used to have a nightmare about being possessed by 0 that frightened her to the point that she got easily frightened of other people. She still has this nightmare on rare occasions but she used to have it more frequently as a child to the point that she was crying and shuddering in fear and she usually seeked comfort by sleeping with her parents in their bed.

When she was 5 years old, Rippla was much more timid around others than she is now due to that she frequently had the nightmare about 0 possessing her got wary of other kids as she thought that they would attempt to harm her and so she didn't play with them, despite that she actually wanted to. After being nearly possessed by 0, Rippla very rarely smiled or laughed as a child, even around her parents and she was quite as she didn't speak often. Rippla also had a light case of depression, as she was unhappy most of the time.

Rippla doesn't mind her figure showing but she doesn't like wearing outfits that are too revealing. She also has a liking for sweets, especially those made with chocolate.


As a Fairy, Rippla can use magic and Pure Crystals. As the crown princess of the Ripple Kingdom, she does have a level of authority of the Ripple Star Army but not to the same degree as her father and mother. She can also fly with her wings for a bit.

Because that Rippla wears glasses, she cannot see well without them as she is nearsighted much like her mother and she was like that since a very young age.



Rippla was born 21 years prior to the start of the series on April 2nd. A year later and an hour after her birthday, Planet Ripple Star was attacked by Dark Matter and 0 threatened to possess her as a baby to make Raymond and his army stand down but fortunately Rippla was defended from 0 by Layla with a Pure Crystal.

Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of DarknessEdit

Rippla flashback debut

Rippla's debut in a flashback.

Rippla made her first appearance in the series in a flashback in Chapter 12 when Drawcia asked how her friends first met each other and she is shown as a kid in Dedede, Waddle Dee, Cloud and Raven's flashback to when they first met.

Rippla is mentioned once again in Chapter 13 by Raymond when he mentioned that Rippla was nearly possessed as a baby but her mother defended her with a Pure Crystal. Raymond also mentioned that the events of what was became known as the Dark Matter Cataclysm happened on Rippla's first birthday.

Rippla will also appear in the present day at some point after the defeat of Gobi.

Kirby: Behind the Scenes 4: Dimensional SpheresEdit

Rippla will appear in this installment of the series and she will have a major role in the story. One of her roles is that Magolor will summon a mysterious creature that he will reveal that he had bio engineered 5 years prior to the series and that it was created with Dark Matter DNA. Magolor would command it to possess Rippla and make her fight against her will, much to the horror of the Dream Warriors and the Fairies that may be present at the time.




Rippla has a very positive relationship with her father, Raymond. Raymond is a bit protective of her as well, often showing concern when she is in danger. Raymond also showed visible anger at 0 when he saw him on Planet Popstar as Raymond remembered that 0 threatened to possess Rippla when 0 and his fellow Dark Matter invaded Planet Ripple Star 20 years ago. When Rippla was between the ages of 1 to 5, she often seeked comfort from him and Layla when she had her nightmare.

Raymond also has Andrew keep tabs on the Dream Warriors for her, especially Dedede as Raymond is aware that Rippla cares for him very much as he was her very first friend. Raymond is also aware that Rippla has a crush on Dedede, but he keeps silent about it so that he doesn't make Rippla worry.


Rippla also has a positive relationship with her mother, Layla. Much like Raymond, Layla cares deeply for Rippla and hates to see her get harmed as Layla defended Rippla from 0 when Rippla was a baby. Layla often usually comforted Rippla the most when Rippla had her nightmare of being possessed by 0. Layla also made a plush of Dedede for Rippla to help ease Rippla missing Dedede.

Layla is also aware of Rippla's crush on Dedede, but she keeps silent about it because she knows that Rippla is afraid of disapproval due to Zack telling Layla and Raymond that Rippla fears that her parents wouldn't approve of her and Dedede being together..


Rippla loves and cares very much for Oliver and she usually calls him "Ollie", her usual nickname for him.


As the crown princess of the Ripple Kingdom, Rippla is greatly respected and liked by her subjects as they would fight to protect her and her parents.


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Dedede is a close friend of Rippla's as well as her crush. Dedede was her very first friend and as a result of this, Rippla deeply cares about him, his well being and she is quite affectionate towards him. They are pretty close friends and they often spent time together as kids, such as reading bookings together upon finding out that they both like to read and playing video games. He is also the first person to ever make Rippla smile and laugh in 4 years after she was nearly possessed by 0.

Rippla also sees Dedede as a source of comfort when she is frightened, as thinking of him or hugging her doll of him is usually enough to calm her down and make her feel safe. This comes from when Rippla had her nightmare when she first visited Dream Land, she seeked comfort from Dedede, the first time she ever seeked comfort from someone else besides her parents.

An example of Rippla's care for Dedede and his well being is when Dedede was emotionally traumatized by the deaths of his parents and, Rippla hugged him to comfort him and this ended up calming him down. During that same night, Rippla persuaded Dedede to let her in his room by telling him that he is her very first friend and that he means a lot to her. She is greatly saddened by the fact that she hasn't seen him in 10 years and she wishes to see him again.

His first act of kindness towards her was not long after they first met when Raymond asked Ripple to go play with Dedede, she ended up tripping and losing her glasses and crown. Dedede gave both back to her and offered to help her get up, much to her surprise as she was initially frightened of him. This act of kindness he shown towards her is what made her more open towards him.

When Rippla had her nightmare during her first visit to Dream Land, Dedede heard her scream and she unknowingly made Dedede aware of Dark Matter and she thought that he would hate her because of it but she was surprised to learn that he didn't and that he thanked her as he would have learned about them anyway.

His kindness, politeness and compassion towards her is the foundation of her huge crush on him and what Rippla likes the most about Dedede is that he is kind hearted as he was always very kind to her during their childhood. However, Rippla is secretive about her crush on him though due to the fact that Rippla thinks that her parents wouldn't approve of her and Dedede being together as well as that she fears that Dedede may not like her back.

Unknowingly to her, Dedede has a mutual crush on her as well and that he shares her fears about her parents not approving Dedede and Rippla being together as well as that Rippla may not like him back.

Waddle Dee Jr., Cloud, Raven and RachelEdit

She met Waddle Dee Jr., Cloud, Raven and Rachel when they were kids not long after she met Dedede and while she isn't as close to them as she is with Dedede, she still cares for them as well.

Waddle DooEdit

Rippla and Waddle Doo haven't met in person yet, but she will hear about him after Gobi's defeat.


Though Rippla hasn't met Drawcia in person yet, she has heard a lot about her from Andrew's reports regarding Drawcia and the times she fought Dedede and the other Dream Warriors.

Ribbon, Frostine and YukikoEdit

Rippla is good friends with Ribbon, Frostine and Yukiko and she gets along with them pretty well. She became friends with them sometime shortly after Rippla first met Dedede. They are aware of Rippla's crush on Dedede and they keep it a secret so that Rippla doesn't worry about anyone knowing about it though Marie has a tendency to tease Rippla about her crush on Dedede.


Dark MatterEdit

Rippla's Nightmare

Artwork of Rippla after she had her nightmare in the present day with her expressing her concern for their return as a concerned Oliver looks at her.

Due to her near possession as a baby, Rippla has a very deep-rooted fear of Dark Matter much like many of her subjects. The near possession traumatized Rippla to the point that she would have a nightmare of 0 possessing her and this nightmare was much more frightening to her in her childhood than the present day as when she had the nightmare between ages 1 to 5, she would wake up to scream in fear and later begin shuddering in fear and crying.


Though Rippla never met 0 in person, Rippla has a deep-rooted fear of 0 due to that he threatened to possess her as a baby.

Halcandran ArmyEdit


Though she hasn't met Magolor in person yet, Rippla holds a deep-rooted fear of Magolor due to her planet's current relationship with Planet Halcandra.


Being the daughter of his nemesis, Raymond, Arthur holds a great amount of hatred towards Rippla as well as her being friends with Popstarians, who Arthur has a negative view on. Arthur will also tell Magolor about Rippla's relationship with Dedede, which will end up with Rippla being possessed by the Dark Sphere Doomer and forced to fight against Dedede against her will.


Rippla met Holly 15 years ago when Raymond and Layla decided to attend a Royal Council out of curiosity. Rippla and Holly don't know each other well, but since Holly is now aware that Rippla is the girl who Dedede has a crush on, Holly is very jealous of Rippla.


  • Rippla is the first Princess to be seen in the series.
  • Rippla's blood type is O-. She shares the same blood type with Cloud.
  • Rippla is one of the 3 female characters known to have a romantic interest in Dedede, the others being Holly and Lesley.
    • This makes them the only female characters to have a romantic interest in a male Dream Warrior, not counting Rachel.
  • Rippla's name is a pun of the word ripple, which is ironically in the name of her homeworld.
  • Rippla shares her birthday with Frostine and Taranza, all 3 of them were born on April 2nd with Rippla being born a year before Frostine and Taranza.
    • Rippla was born around 6:00 PM while Frostine was born a year later and an hour earlier, at 5:00 PM. Taranza was born some hours later as he was a newborn.
    • Ironically, the Dark Matter Cataclysm happened on Rippla's first birthday as mentioned in Chapter 13.
  • Despite her debut being in a flashback, Rippla is the very first Fairy and the first female one to be seen in the series.
  • Rippla is the only character in the series who will become an antagonist against her will due to being possessed by the Dark Sphere Doomer.
    • This will also make her the only antagonist that has not done any bad deeds to other people prior to her time as a antagonist. She is also the second member of the Fairy species to be a antagonist, but unlike Arthur, against her will.
    • Rippla being possessed by the Dark Sphere Doomer, a creature that was created with the DNA of Dark Matter, is a reference to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, where the Fairy Queen was possessed by a mass of Dark Matter.
      • Rippla also being nearly possessed by 0 as a baby is a another reference to the Fairy Queen's possession of said Dark Matter mass, which ironically had 02 in it.