Salt Desert
Salt Desert
The Salt Desert


Chapter 5 (digital version)

The Salt Desert, formerly known as the Salt Kingdom, is a desert in Dream Land that takes up the north-northeast section of Starfruit Island that debuted in digital version Chapter 5 of Kirby: Behind the Scenes.

It is the homeland of the Pangolan species separated from the other parts of Starfruit Island due to the Rocky Mountains. 10 years prior to the start of the series, a rebellion took place in the Salt Desert due to a rebellion led by Gobi and it ended after a month.

However, as a part of a truce treaty, the Salt Desert was liberated from Dream Land 10 years and it was a separate county it was once under the rule of Gobi before his death during the battle that took place at Castle Gobi. It is now a part of Dream Land once again, much to the inhabitants' happiness.


Despite being a desert, the heat of the desert is much like a summer day. However, like all deserts, sandstorms are rather common here.


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